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This kit is for serious riders who want to increase engine reliability in addition to power and torque.


Stage 3 consists of Stage 2, but expanded with an S&S Cam support plate, an S&S oil pump, S&S hydraulic tensioners, and a set of tappets.


For the 2007 and later models, prefer to keep the chain and hydraulic tensioners because of the longer crankshaft stroke. With the 1999-2006 models you can also opt for the S&S set with sprockets without tensioners. Sprockets squeal more but the direct transmission makes cam timing more accurate, and it takes less power than a chain with tensioners.  

Fitting this kit ensures reliability, a less hot engine, no more problems with the crankcase filling up with the resultant braking of the crankshaft and excessive oil from the crankcase breather.  


There is also a choice of torque or power camshaft and black or chrome push rod sleeves.

The costs of Stage 3 are 4150 euros for the injection and 3950 for the carburettor models  

(including assembly and adjustment and dyno proof)

Pay attention ! All Twin Cams from 1999-2004 have 551 or . when installed  a higher number requires different valve springs in the heads. This costs 600 euros extra including mounting and gaskets.

For more explanation click here  

This kit can also be combined with a Thundermax for 800 extra.

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