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TwinCam STAGE1


Stage I means finding the optimal setting for your motorcycle on the Dyno.


Does the engine slow down, or does it get hot due to an adjustment that is too poor, or do you just want more power and a smooth engine, then adjusting it on the Dyno is the solution.

This can be done with a standard or with a modified engine.


The costs are 895 euros including the Diag4bike stick.

(including mounting and adjustment and dyno proof)


Note, only for Twin Cam models with Delphi injection from 2006 to 2017


With this stick you can later, if you buy a different exhaust, or larger pistons and cylinders, or a camshaft, adjust the engine again. The stick "does marry your bike and is not interchangeable.


Another way to make the injection work better is to replace the ECU (injection computer) with a Thundermax. Thundermax is the best system on the market that continuously monitors with 2 wide band Lampda sensors and searches for the optimal adjustment.


Thundermax is available for all Delphi injection systems!



An adjustment with a Thundermax is 1500 euros and is ideal for exhaust systems with a valve, such as Kesstech or Jekil and Hyde.

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