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Starter Gear Problems


If your starter ring creaks and rattles when starting or you find a tooth when draining your oil then you were the Sjaak at Harley and you could buy a new clutch housing with the starter ring attached. Now you can buy a separate ring and a matching pinion gear, which is on the starter motor, via the aftermarket. The cause is that after 1998 they have taken more but also much smaller teeth than before (from 66 to 102) and these break off rather easily. Especially if you have an engine with more compression, and often with a stronger starter motor. Zodiac supplies a replacement starter ring gear for the old models and a retro starter ring gear for the newer models, with fewer and much larger and stronger teeth.


The old wreath is riveted and you can drill it out, or grind it off more easily and then tap it out with a punch. You fix the new wreath with the supplied Allen screws.


It is important that you clean the primary inside and always pull the dynamo flywheel off. The strong magnets in the flywheel always pick up iron, which causes the charging system to fail!

The kit consists of an attachment that you screw onto the crankcase.


Of course you also have to change the pinion gear because it also has bigger and fewer teeth. If you have an old model, this is not necessary, but unfortunately if the starter ring gear is missing a tooth or has damage then the pinion is also damaged.


For current prices and already several models look in the Laseur Zodiac Webshop by clicking on the Zodiac logo.

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