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Twincam 124 STAGE5

Stage 5 is the superlative. The block becomes  converted  with a 124 kit from S&S. This kit consists of a stroker crankshaft with a stroke of 4 5/8" and a set  cylinders and pistons with a 4 1/8" bore. Complete with 640 ez start gear driven camshafts, tappets, gaskets and S&S cylinder heads.  


Actually, only your crankcases are used. These are bored in-house for a 4 1/8" bore.

A 124 kit for your motorcycle costs 7000 euros excl. assembly

But then you are not there yet!

The crankcases from 1999 to 2002 already have a timing set-up, but the later models do not. This is necessary because the standard bearing is not strong enough. The timing set up costs 500 more  including the right bearing.

You also need a new oil pump and usually a cam support plate.

These are between 500 and 800 euros.  

The  carburetor  models go to a large S&S Super G with an adjustable ignition, which costs an average of just under 1500 euros. Or if you have a good injection system with bigger injectors and a big throttle  body. I always take a Thundermax complete with an S&S 66mm intake and injectors which costs around 2500 euros.  

The clutch must also be adapted for the force of around 220 Nm and at least 140 hp at the wheel.

For a complete set, installation and removal, starting and running, the costs are 12,500 euros for a carburettor version and 13,500 euros for injection.  

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