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TRUELY, the next weak link are the "Cleve Block" swing arm pivot bushings used in 1980 through 2001 FXR and Baggers. Their rubber, silicon 5 piece construction makes them vulnerable to movement which translates into instability. HD changed to Spherical Bearings and increased pivot shaft diameter to 3/4 "on 2002 and later baggers (No, they cannot be retrofitted to early models. The transmission requires boring of the pivot hole from 5/8" to 3/4 "diameter However, TRUE-TRACK took it one step further with solid replacement "BEARING BRONZE" pivot bushings to replace HD original equipment.

5/8 "pivot shaft 1980-2001 FXR and TOURING... # 20-19E
3/4 "pivot shaft 2002 & Later TOURING......... # 20-19L

True-Track 20-19L Pivot Touring 2002-2008

SKU: 20-19L
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