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The S&S High Volume High-Pressure (HVHP) billet aluminum oil pump is a high capacity pump that was initially designed for the S&S Super Sidewinder Plus Long Block engines. These pumps feature a new tooth profile with fewer, but larger teeth, providing increased oil volume for both supply and return sides of the pump. Supply gears are 9% wider than OEM or standard S&S oil pumps to give the HVHP pump even more oil capacity. Return gears are 28% wider than OEM or standard S&S pumps to insure that the additional volume of oil supplied to the engine is scavenged and returned to the oil tank, preventing oil carry over from the crankcase breather. In spite of these wider gears, the HVHP pump is no thicker than stock. Your choice between one with an universal cover that provides a number of oil feed and return options allowing maximum flexibility for customized installations, or the standard style cover which has feed and return holes in the stock 1992-1999 locations. Pump Only Kits include a complete oil pump assembly with drive shaft, drive shaft keys & snap rings, check ball & spring, pressure valve & spring, cover screws with O-rings, miscellaneous hose fittings, plugs, screws, gaskets, and mounting hardware . Pump, Breather and Gear Kits also include an oil pump drive shaft gear, oil pump pinion shaft gear, and an S&S steel breather gear with shim kit.
Note: S&S crankcases have either a two or three letter code stamped above either the rear engine mount surface or above the oil pump mounting surface. When the first letter is "A" you must use a pump for 1984-1991, when the first letter is "B" you must use a pump for 1992-1999.

Outer surface scratches & marks
Sold as it is, no stock return, no warranty

Pump, breather and Gear kit, fits early S&S Super Stock crankcases and 1984-1989

SKU: 710106B
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