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Stage I means finding the optimal setting for your motorcycle on the Dyno .

If the engine is holding back, or it gets hot due to an adjustment that is too poor, or if you just want more power and a smooth engine, adjusting it on the Dyno is the solution.

This can be done with a standard or with a modified engine.

The costs are 800 euros including the Diag4bike stick.

With this stick you can later, if you buy a different exhaust, or larger pistons and cylinders, or a camshaft, adjust the engine again. The stick does "marry" your bike and is not interchangeable.

Another way to make the injection work better is to replace the ECU (injection computer) with a Thundermax. Thundermax is the best system on the market that continuously monitors with 2 wide band Lampda sensors and searches for the optimal adjustment. The costs are 1500 euro.

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