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This kit is for serious riders who want to increase engine reliability in addition to power and torque. Stage 3 consists of Stage 2, but expanded with an S&S Cam support plate, an S&S oil pump, S&S tappet cuffs, a set of tappets.

Fitting this kit ensures reliability, a less hot engine, no more problems with the crankcase filling up with the resultant braking of the crankshaft and excessive oil from the crankcase breather. The nasty plastic cuffs have also been replaced by the beautiful S&S billet cuffs.

The kit comes with chain driven camshaft or sprockets each with its pros and cons. Also the choice of a torque or power camshaft and black or chrome push rod sleeves.

The cost of Stage 3 is 3800  euros

(including assembly and adjustment and dyno proof)

This kit can also be combined with a special custom cam for 400 euros extra.

This kit can also be combined with a Thundermax for 800 extra.

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