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Stage II is Stage I, dyno tuning with Diag4bike in combination with a camshaft and pushrods. The M8 models benefit greatly from a camshaft because they come standard from the factory with an even negative overlap.


Depending on your driving style, you can choose a camshaft with a lot of power at the bottom, or a camshaft with more top power and less power at the bottom (torque).


​  You can choose chain or sprocket drive.


​  You get a stick, an adjustment on the dyno, an S&S  camshaft with Timken stronger bearing and a set of adjustable pushrods, with black or chrome sleeves.


The costs are 2375 euros including the Diag4bike stick.


(including assembly and adjustment and dyno proof)


A special Star Racing camshaft is also possible for an additional 400 euros.



Various additional changes are possible, S&S Cuffs, other Tappets, etc. are always possible in consultation.



Of course it is also possible with a Thundermax computer instead of Diag4bike, for 800 euros more.

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