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Bert wanted to build a real American chopper. So a lot of chrome, a long front fork and a fat tire at the rear.

The frame comes from Mid USA and has a 44 degree head angle and an 8 "downtube strech. The front frame tube is single and it measures 1 3/4" (45mm thick). The rest of the frame tube is 35mm (1 3 / 8 ")

The rear fender is homemade, the front fender is by Jesse James. The tank is also from Mid-USA and is hung in rubbers.

The wheels are chromed and Arlan Ness, of course with matching drive pulley and discs. The front fork is also from Mid-Usa.

The engine block is a 96 "S&S polished and sounds nice due to the Paul Yaffe design muffler.

Lots of points as a recurring theme on this chopper. Forward controls from Mid-Usa. DNA air filter.

Very nice paint job from MW Designs.

300 mm shoe from Avon, stays a fatter .....

The primary is a 3 "Belt Drive from Ultima and the tray is an RSD (Right Side Drive) from Zodiac. The RSD tray keeps the wheels in the middle and the motorcycle is straight and does not fall over.

The we have extended oil tank provided on the frame, and of course also provided with a point.

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