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By trade-in I got a nice original 1200 Shovel block that was a bit tired. After about 2 years of lying in some boxes somewhere under the workbench, I decided to fix the block one winter evening. The big-end looked neat and actually I could replace the entire crankshaft after assembly without costs and / or using parts.

Crankcases neatly cleaned, fresh gaskets. It already had a good pump and a steel Breather Valve. I did use new hydraulic tappets and an original camshaft. The cylinders honed to 020 and Zodiac pistons in there. Heads provided with new guides and the seats neatly milled again. The block was fresh again for minimal costs. Then Bart came by. He wanted to have an engine built himself for the purpose.

A real old Harley in terms of look, and with the sound of a real Harley (yes, piet pat, pet pat stationary) but he did not want troubles like bad starting, bad braking, a rotten clutch, puddles of oil and uncomfortable driving. He had printed an A4 with an actually standard Knucklehead in bright light blue I suggested to him to take my Shovel block, hang a new type 5 speed gearbox with a 1990 and later primary, clutch and starter motor, and this everything hangs in a comfortable Softail frame with rear suspension. The rear fender is attached to the swingarm and springs with the bridge.

Under the floating saddle is a nice picture that hides the battery. Beautiful 5 speed CCE, with working kickstart, yes 1 pedal and walking, and of course also a button with a starter motor;)

Just a good front brake and a good rear brake. Also a nice belt drive at the back, so no dirty fingers, chain sets and so on.

Obviously, but in quite a Springer or longer, and one with a normal head angle so you're not on a small moped in appearance, but rides a big Harley. Furthermore, finish as much as possible with an old look. I have had enough wheels and are of the new type, covered with thicker stainless steel spokes and a lot of black powder. I myself am very pleased with the result, just like Bart. Nice bike and drives great.

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