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This motorcycle is based on a Standard Heritage Springer. First of all, the entire motorcycle was stripped bare and I sold the block, the complete primary and the paint job. The frame is completely original Harley-Davidson. I cut the back nicely round and the frame was powdered again. The block is an S&S 93 "Shovel and comes complete with an S&S ignition. The gearbox is standard 5-speed from Harley. The primary is a 3" belt drive from Zodiac, and the clutch is provided with a lock-up to keep it power of this thick Shovel without needing much force in the lever.

The rear wheel is original, but I powdered everything black and the spokes are extra thick stainless steel spokes from Haan Wheels. The front wheel has also been converted to 21 ", but is otherwise original, just like the brakes, the brake discs and the secondary belt drive. The oil tank is stainless steel and comes from L&L choppers. The hydraulic clutch is from Performance machine and the levers are from RST. Goodridge brake lines with black carbon cover The front fork, risers and headlight are original Harley and also all powdered black. Also the running boards of Zodiac but also black powdered. Tank is also Zodiac, just like the flat fender behind. The fender is attached to the swingarm and springs along with the bridge. The primary hood and the license plate holder are made by myself. The exhausts are Zodiac dragpipes. The rear part is sawn off and I have welded 2 stepped stainless steel tubes. The exhausts are complicated with band of Zodiac.

The saddle is a LaPera and has been reupholstered with the leather from an old Bob jacket. The paintwork is matte gray. The wiring is original Harley-Davidson and is stripped down. No buttons on the steering wheel but just an ignition key with a start function, so starting like in the car. All in all an old looking chopper, with the handling characteristics of a new one.

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