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S&S Easy Start Cams


This piece was written in 2010 and updated in 2020


S&S has introduced new camshafts for Twin Cam engines. These camshafts are called Easy start cams and the name already gives away a lot. The Easy Start Cams are equipped with a falling weight that ensures that at low revs the exhaust valve opens briefly, making the motorcycle considerably easier to start. Nice for standard engines, a must for High Performance engines. The camshafts are made by S&S in all tastes and there is something for everyone.


For the 2007 and later models:


Just an explanation, 2007 and later models have a roller chain camshaft drive with hydraulic tensioners. The chain drive complete kit is therefore a set of 2 camshafts, where your old chains can be used again with the original hydraulic tensioners. The S&S Gear drive set is a kit where all the chains are dispensed with, the camshafts mutually and via the crankshaft are driven by gears. The set of Cams with inner gears is for people who already have gear driven camshafts and want to replace them with Easy start cams.

For the 1999-2006 models:


Also a brief explanation: The 1999-2006 models are equipped with the silent chains in combination with mechanical chain tensioners. Since these models can cause quite a few problems, S&S only supplies gear driven camshafts for these models.

S&S has made a nice list to see what you can best choose for your type of motorcycle. Of course, the cylinder capacity and compression ratio play a major role, but also what the customer wants. Of course everyone wants a smooth motorcycle that pulls in every rev range, idles nicely and has a lot of top power ...


In the above list you can read that most people who, for example, have had a Screaming Eagle kit installed at the dealer, can now easily see which S&S cams they can take as replacement, with equally worthy driving characteristics. All in all, again a wonderful product from S&S where they again prove to be the market leader in the development of aftermarket products for Harley-Davidson engines.


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