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Stage II is Stage I, adjustment on the Dyno in combination with a camshaft and pushrods. An Twin Cam gets more power from other camshafts and also the bearings in the crankcase are replaced.


Depending on your driving style, you can choose a camshaft with a lot of power at the bottom, or a camshaft with more top power and less power at the bottom (torque).


You can choose chain or sprocket drive. Gears are recommended for older models with mechanical tensioners, but not for models after 2007 with hydraulic tensioners.


You get a tune on the Dyno, S&S easy start camshafts with Timken stronger bearings and a set of adjustable pushrods, with black or chrome sleeves.


Injection models: The costs are from 2750 euros including the Diag4bike stick.

(including mounting and adjustment and dyno proof)


Carburetor models: The costs are from 1550 euros.

(including mounting and adjustment and dyno proof)


For Twin Cam models it is advisable to use the easy start camshafts. Read the explanation.

Various extra changes are possible, a better oil pump or cam support plate, other Tappets, etc. can always be arranged in consultation.


Of course it is also possible with a Thundermax computer instead of Diag4bike, for 700 euros more.

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