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ARP Rocker Studs for M8


ARP rocker arm studs for the rocker arm shafts of the M8 models. Why is this important. In the casting of the M8 heads there are 4 posts where the rocker arm shafts are screwed in by means of a bolt. This bolt has quite a bit of play on the thread. Don't forget that there is a lot of force on a valve spring, and even more so with rattle for faster camshafts. Also, this force is not straight, but due to the movement of the rocker arms, valve springs and camshafts more of a prying movement on the bolt.


The picture above clearly shows the consequences of a bolt coming loose. It pulls and breaks the wire and can also tear the pillar that holds the rocker arm shaft. If it can still be repaired, it will be an expensive story anyway because both heads have to be removed. It is smarter to prevent this misery.


ARP is famous for racing and makes high-quality nuts and bolts. The stud is attached to the bottom of the pillar and is secured with heavy loctide. A must for fast camshafts, and highly recommended for the original M8 models.

The ARP stud kit is supplied by Fueling under zpn 781165  

S&S also has a kit under zpn 781169

And finally a kit from KPMI zpn 756072 

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